There was a time when Michael was the most popular name for newborn boys. But, according to, Aiden has taken the top spot as the most popular Boys name of 2012.

Michael is now #16.

Michael hard at work on a Blog

A sad day for many famous Michaels, like Michael Jordan, Michael J. Fox, Michael Jackson, Michael Moore, Michael Phelps, Michael Rose, Michelangelo, Michael Dixon, Michael Strahan, St. Michael, Michael Savage, Michael McDonald, Michael Corleone, Michael Buble, Michael Ian Black & Michael Showalter, Michael Myers (the actor), Michael Myers (the slasher), Michael Meyers (the PHS student), Michael Meyers (the DJ), Michael Michele, Anthony Michael Hall, Michael Ironside, Michael C. Hall, Michael Raymond James, Michael Sneed, Michael Douglas, Michael Vick, George MichaelMichael Rappaport, Iron Chef Michael Symon, Michael Row the Boat Ashore, Michael Feinstein, and too many more to list.

My good friend, Alta, has the 12,508th most popular name for baby girls, so maybe I should feel privileged.

It is up to you to bring Michael back to its  former prominence. When you have your next male child, please remember that the future of Michael's popularity rests in your hands.