David Sharpe is not your ordinary bicycler, out for a casual ride around the neighborhood. David is biking coast to coast across America in an effort to raise $50,000. As part of his journey, David passed through Northeast Missouri, making stops in Monroe City and New London. He was kind enough to answer a few questions about his adventure.

According to Sharpe, the purpose of his 'Metal Pedal' ride is to help someone in need. "The reason for this trip is to raise $50.000 for a beautiful young lady who's name is Kasey Eddy. She has suddenly been stuck with Aplastic Anemia Bone Marrow Failure... basically her body is not able to make her own blood." Sharpe says that there is good news: Kasey is now in remission and recovering, but the medical costs have been substantial. "The donations (from the ride) will help pay off extensive doctor bills and help with ongoing treatment "

David Sharpe is 37 years old, and is a native of Hawaii. His ride began on May 13 when he flew to Maine and started his journey. Sharpe estimates that his trip will conclude in Los Angeles, California between August 15 - 21. "I ride a various number of miles a day, somewhere between 50 and 107 being the most I've ridden. I am going it 100 percent alone. No back up vehicle, no other riders or music. Just me and my thoughts. I saved up for this ride,which means I have no sponsor. I post on FB were I'm headed each day so if anyone wants to let me camp in their yard I would be forever grateful!"

To follow David's journey, and to donate to his cause, visit the 'Metal Pedal' Facebook page.