Halloween has just passed, so bring on the Christmas cheer!

Too soon?

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

It is the question that has boggled retailers for ages. How soon is too soon to start selling Christmas items (Note: There are several holidays involved with this time of year. Since I celebrate Christmas, I will refer to this time of year as Christmas).

As a retailer, you always have to be slightly ahead of the times. For example – try to find a swimsuit in the month of July. Slim pickings. But if you shop for a swimsuit in April, you have plenty to choose from.

The same can apply to Christmas. Try to buy Christmas decorations in mid-December and your choices are fairly limited. But if you walk through the stores around October 15th, the stores are already setting out their Christmas displays…and this becomes an area of contention. Think about it – everyone complains about stores shoving Christmas down their throats too early, but nobody ever complains about swimsuits on display while the temperatures are still hovering around the 50° mark.

So when is the right time to set out Christmas items for sale (or swimsuits, for that matter)? Place your comments below.