Jim Jennings of Madd Hoss Jackson sent me a text at about 6:30am today asking if it would be cool to drop by our studios once they were done performing on the KHQA-TV morning show. Naturally we were glad to have them come by for a 'surprise' visit.

Jim, Mark, Matt and Andy have been logging a lot of miles and a lot of time preparing the cd that will finally be available soon. Three weeks? Well, we'll see... these things take time. We've been playing songs like 'Wide Texas Sky' from this new album for several months now on KICK-FM, and it's one of our most popular songs. The guys brought a copy of the packaging in this morning and it really looks great. I know we at the radio station aren't the only ones who can't wait until it's officially out for everyone to hear and get a copy.

The band talked to us about the upcoming album, some shows that are coming up and just generally had a good time hanging out with us. See and hear our conversation and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos.