Madd Hoss Jackson performed Saturday night August 10th in Hannibal as part of the 'Down By The River' concert series. The show was put on by the Hannibal Y-Men's Club and held at the Y-Men's Pavilion downtown.

I took some video with my 'dumb phone.' Yes I'm one of 4 remaining people in America without a smart phone. I'm just fine with that. Except for when it comes to shooting video at a loud concert... as you can see and hear. It was fun and I took the time to shoot, upload and edit the videos though so I'm posting them darn it!

There are 10 short video's strung together. The songs are...


'Songs About Rain'


'Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy'

'My Own Worst Enemy'

By the way the picture at the top was taken from the stage Saturday night.

Feel free to suggest a better phone for me.