Madd Hoss Jackson has outdone themselves. The bands new cd is recorded and mastered and soon their fans will have it in their hands.

Two of the bands four members, Jim Jennings and Andy Hamm, sat in on the KICK-FM morning show today and talked about the project. We treated listeners to three of the seven new songs. Hear the six-part interview by clicking 'play' on the segments below.

In part 1 Jim and Andy talk about the recording process, their busy summer on the road including some of the big named country artists they've played with and they introduce the first song, 'Another Day, Another Dollar.'

In the next part the guys tell the story of 'Another Day, Another Dollar.'

In part 3 Jim talks about the potential name for the new cd and Andy introduces 'Wide Texas Sky.'

In this part Jim and Andy tell us when we can expect to get a copy of the cd.

Part 5 is a phone call from producer Fred Vale who talks about working with the band in the studio and shares his enthusiasm for the project.

Then we wrap up the interview with some talk about the bands new website.