Much hoopla has been made about the year 2012 and the supposed Mayan Doomsday calendar.  I have a hard time trusting the predictions of any civilization that can't manage to survive itself.  But, to each his or her own...

As we mentioned on the Morning Posse today, there is even a dating site for folks preparing for doomsday who also want to find that special someone.  It's apocalyptic love American-style.

All this end-of-the-world talk makes me wonder when/if the you-know-what hits the fan, where is the best place to survive locally?  In Hannibal, there's Mark Twain Cave...which would be awesome, cause then you'd also have a great assortment of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn t-shirts available...not to even mention their awesome sugar straws.  We love sugar straws.  In Quincy, there are the underground caves off of Highway 57.  Only problem is there are legions of "No Trespassing" signs posted all over the the distinct smell of wet limestone.  Three months after my Old Spice wears off, I doubt many people would mind the smell of wet limestone.

Do you have any inside information about good hiding/survival places in the tri-states?  If so, comment and let us know...meanwhile, I'll go curl up in the corner in the fetal position waiting for the end to come...or Tuesday...whichever comes first.