It's a strange thing, really.  KICK-FM is a somewhat normal radio station...for the most part.  But, the conversations we have on Facebook are not.  This morning was a great example.  While songs by Keith Urban and The Band Perry were on the radio, we somehow began discussing llamas.  In my attempt to learn something new everyday (my momma always told me this was a good idea), I found out that llamas think cows are funny.

Then, my KHQA-TV friend, Lindsey Boetsch, commented:

Ahhh I love the randomness of your posts. What about the difference between a llama and an alpaca?

It's always dangerous to challenge me with a question, especially if it's a llama question.  Sadly, I know from experience that llamas and alpacas are capable of spitting a lot.  They are normally really nice animals, but apparently can detect when they're in the presence of a really stupid human (yes, I'm raising my hand right now).  Oh, and llamas tend to be bigger than alpacas...according to The Mount Airy Alpaca Company.  They would know.  They have alpacas apparently.

Lindsey was also kind enough to share this "wonderful" llama song:

Let's not forget that we have alpacas locally, too!  The Starlight Alpaca Ranch in New London as a matter of fact would be a fun place to visit if you find yourself daydreaming about alpacas.

That brings us to our poll question: