As you may have recognized, I was not on the radio last Thursday or Friday. Despite what you might have heard, I was not sunning myself on a Mexican beach. Truth is I was as far as you can get from a sunny beach. I was in Chicago.  Since I'm a lifelong St. Louis Cardinal fan, I felt like Dracula driving into a garlic factory.

I won't bore you with the reason I was in Chicago.  All I can say is the trip helped convince me of two things.  First of all, interstate 55 is the most un-scenic highway I have ever driven on.  Second, whoever came up with the bright idea of putting toll booths in downtown Chicago should be shot.

A lot of folks in this area have been to Chicago at some point.  If you're in that group, then you'll understand what I'm talking about.  But, the trip reminded me of how much I don't want to live in the "fast lane".  The city of Chicago feels like it moves two million miles an hour.  No thanks...not interested.  I'll pass (no traffic pun intended).

It probably didn't help that my trip to Chicago involved driving over 600 miles in one day.  Plus, I find it ironic that I drove nearly the same path that Michael Myers did in the movie "Halloween".  After spending countless hours on the armpit that is interstate 55, I can understand why he was in the mood for killing when he arrived in Haddonfield, Illinois.

Let me tell you that a boring slow life is severely underrated.  Chicago helped remind me of that.  So, I promise I will not complain today if I end up with nothing to do.  I could be trying to find 60 cents (for the fourth time) so I can pass through yet another toll booth in Chicago while everyone around me is driving a bazillion miles an hour.