My girlfriend and I spent a quiet evening together for Christmas. I have a few movies in my collection that I have never seen before, so we chose 'I Love You Beth Cooper.'

Hated it. We couldn't even get through the first 20-minutes. I am not a big fan of the "uncomfortable feeling" scenarios in movies and TV shows. Neither is she, so we bailed on 'Cooper' to find something else to watch.

It was then I came up with the bright idea to introduce my girlfriend to Divine.

Yes...that Divine.

Polyester Poster

One of the movies I have is the John Waters classic 'Polyester,' starring Divine, Tab Hunter (yes, the 1950's singing star Tab Hunter, shown above), and Mink Stole. The big draw about this 1981 film was that it was filmed in "Odorama."

Odorama was a simple concept: upon purchasing their ticket, viewers at the theater were handed a scratch 'n sniff card. Throughout the film numbers would appear in the corner of the screen. Whatever number popped up, you would scratch and sniff the appropriate area of the card to get a "sense" for what Francine Fishpaw was smelling at the time - from roses, to a skunk, to gasoline, to air freshener, to old gym shoes.

Quick rundown of 'Polyester': Francene's house is continually picketed because her husband runs a theater that is not very popular with the "G Rated" crowd. He has an affair, Francene catches him and they get divorced. Their teenage kids are delinquents. The daughter dates a thug named BoBo, and they get into all sorts of trouble. The son is on drugs and turns out to be the Baltimore Foot Stomper. Francene meets a so called "knight in shining armor" (Tab Hunter), but he turns out to be in cahoots with her mom, who is verbally abusive to Francene and has been trying to bleed her dry financially. (WARNING: this is a very tame description, to make it appropriate for this blog).

This is a sick and twisted movie (as are most John Waters movies). I have loved it ever since I was a teenager seeing it for the first time at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago. I do have to remember that not everyone is going to have the same sick and twisted sense of humor that I have. Needless to say, my girlfriend didn't enjoy 'Polyester.' On Christmas Day she saw a side of me (my sick and twisted side) that she wasn't really expecting.

If you want to see 'Polyester' for yourself, do some research on John Waters first, then consider yourself forewarned. Waters' movies are definitely not for everyone.

So now that you know what kind of movies I enjoy, is there anything you can suggest?