I need your help. There is nothing that makes my heart hurt more than seeing a child suffering from cancer. If I could have just one wish, no child would ever have to fight cancer. Unfortunately, this is still a reality for many area families. I was made aware of a young boy in Meredosia, Illinois who is fighting that battle right now and if you can spare a few minutes and a stamp, you can do something to encourage him and let him know your thoughts and prayers are with him.

His name is Brady Holder. Brady is six-years-old and we would like to have a card party for him. From what Brady's mother has said, he is a fan of Spiderman and Batman. I'm going to pick up a postcard at the store tomorrow and drop him a note of encouragement. I have included his address below if you feel led to do the same.

Brady Holder
46 Hatfield Rd
Meredosia, IL 62665

Feel free to share this with your Facebook friends and family. I know many have big hearts and will lend a hand. We unfortunately can't cure childhood cancer yet. But, we can certainly help lift the spirits of this young man as he continues his fight. Thanks so much.

(Note:  I realize there are some awful Facebook hoaxes for situations like this.  Just so everyone knows, I have very good friends in a prayer group I am a part of that know this family and brought this idea forward.  So, this is completely legit.  Thanks once again for your big hearts!)