Kroger Grocery stores announce that they’re closing what the company calls unprofitable grocery stores in Hannibal and Louisiana. The last day of business at both locations is October 27th, but the date could be moved up if stocks are reduced.

The decision affects 27 full-time and 21-part-time employees in Hannibal and 25 full-time and 26 part-time workers in Louisiana.

It also leaves Louisiana without a grocery store. The only two supermarkets left in Pike County will be the Walmart Supercenter and Hickman’s IGA, both in Bowling Green-- an 11-mile drive from Louisiana.

Kurt Parsons

Kroger spokesman John Elliott says both stores had a long-term pattern of unprofitability, despite efforts to reverse the trend. He said the decision to close was tough.

Severance packages will be offered to qualifying employees and union contracts will be honored.    Some workers at the Louisiana store will be given the chance to transfer to the remodeled Troy location 40 miles away. Hannibal store employees will not have that option.

The pharmacy at the Hannibal store likely will stay open through October 27th. The Louisiana store does not have a pharmacy.