Make it two weeks in a row that Justin Moore's new single 'Home Sweet Home' has taken down the competition. First he got twice the number of votes as Luke Bryan and now in voting over the last week, Justin comes away with 64% of the vote to beat Jason Aldean's 'Burnin It Down.' It's time for a new challenger.

That challenger this week is new country duo Maddie and Tae. The two young ladies are getting a lot of attention for their single 'Girl In A Country Song,' which takes direct aim at the way women are often portrayed these days in what's referred to as "bro country." They aren't shy about letting the boys know that they deserve a little more respect than just being seen as barefoot, painted-on cutoff shorts wearing sex and status symbols. They do it in a lighthearted and fun way that turns the tides on the guys.

Check out the two songs and vote for the one you like best below.

First up, the champion... Justin Moore with Vince Neil on 'Home Sweet Home.'

Now take a listen to 'Girl In A Country Song' by Maddie and Tae