It's been a little while since Rascal Flatts have had a bona-fide hit, but their new single 'Rewind' may change all that.

The band, made of Gary LaVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney, last took up a space on the country charts with 'Changed,' which - although it carried over into 2013 - was released in 2012. So technically the trio didn't have a 2013 hit release. More to the point, the song only reached #25 on the country charts. That doesn't qualify it as a real "hit" in anyone's book. Most country radio stations aren't even playing it anymore.

The band's last bona-fide hit was 'Come Wake Me Up,' also released in 2012. It peaked at #8. Their single previous to that did go all the way to #1. 'Banjo' came out in early 2012.

It would be an over-statement to say Rascal Flatts have disappeared, although in 2013 they nearly did as chart success goes. It may be fair to say they have been in a small slump in a business that rewards "hot," "new-and-now" as much as the entertainment industry does. That slump, if you will, may be about to change.

Rascal Flatts is back with 'Rewind,' a song that has all the makings of putting them back on top. It's catchy, creative and fresh, all while being true to the signature sound that made them group of the year winners 10 times between the CMA's, ACM's and ACA's. The American Country Awards even honored them as Decade Artist in 2010.

Is the swagger coming back? Listen to a sample of 'Rewind' and judge for yourself. Listen then vote below.