Welcome to the first of what will be a weekly online feature here at KICK-FM. The 'KICK-FM Pick Hit of the Week' will feature new music coming your way on KICK-FM that I think you might like.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

It's always a good way to start anything with George Strait. "King George" is... plain and simple... the biggest recording act in history. He hit #1 on the country charts for the 60th time in his career... more than anyone else in history... just a couple of months ago with 'Give It All We Got Tonight.' The song going to #1 also happened to coincide with George's 60th birthday. Some things just can't be denied. George Strait was destined for super stardom and he's worn it well for over 30 years.

George is in the middle of his Farewell Tour as we speak... which is sad... but he will keep recording and putting out new music, even once his life on the road is over. After all, what would the country music world be without George Strait? I don't even like the thought of it.

There is one thing George Strait has more of than #1 singles though... awards. 75 and counting since 1984, including the Artist of the Decade in 2009.

George's latest album 'Love Is Everything' is his 29th full-length album, and features the brand new single 'I Believe.' Is it destined to be his 61st #1 song?

Listen to a snippet of it below and see a live performance video, then vote thumbs up or down on 'I Believe'... the latest from George Strait.