Gary Allan has made a nice career for himself singing emotional, often heart-wrenching songs about loss, personal struggles and life's challenges. His gravel-toned voice is the perfect match for the pain he often conveys and he's outdone himself again with his newest single 'It Ain't The Whiskey.'

Gary's 3rd wife, Angela committed suicide in 2004. Much of Gary's music since has admittedly been influenced by that tragic event. You can hear it when he sings 'It Would Be You,' 'Get Off On The Pain,' 'Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain),' 'Songs About Rain,' 'Life Ain't Always Beautiful' and many others. Even though many of Gary's songs are underscored with a "light at the end of the tunnel" hopefulness, the pain and struggle can still be heard. It's what makes him such a powerful singer and songwriter and the reason so many fans are drawn to his music.

Fans of tried and true Gary Allan music will love his latest effort. It delivers like only Gary can. 'It Ain't The Whiskey' is our KICK-FM Pick Hit of the Week.