Chris Young's career is gaining steam slowly but surely, and unlike many of the newer artists in country music, he's doing it with a traditional country sound.

Michael Buckner, Getty Images

Chris broke onto the scene in 2009 with an impressive string of five #1 singles in a row, starting with 'Gettin You Home (The Black Dress Song).' 'The Man I Want To Be,' 'Voices,' 'Tomorrow,' and 'You' all followed suit. Those five #1's didn't give Chris a string of five #1's to start his career, however, as he had released 3 singles previously that didn't gain much popularity. In fact 'Voices' was his third effort and topped a out at only #37 on the country charts. It was re-released the two years later and became his third #1. Timing is everything.

Chris' last hit 'Aw Naw' went to #4 and now he's back with a song that should definately keep the ball rolling. 'Who I Am With You' is our KICK-FM Pick Hit of the Week. Give it a listen then vote on it below.