Keith Urban's upcoming album is on the mind of many -- and for good reason. The 13-track record is going to have a 'little bit of everything,' according Urban, and he gives some exciting details about 'Fuse' in a new backstage video. 

Since this is Urban's seventh studio album, he's a veteran in releasing fan-favorite country music and knows that every album can't sound the same. In fact, he's said that 'Fuse' is unlike anything he's done before. But, you can bet that he'll stick true to one thing: He wants to sound like himself.

"I'm not trying to make a record that doesn't sound anything like me," Urban says. "In some ways, that's easy to do: It's easy to make a record that doesn't sound anything like me. But trying to make a record that sounds like me, but trying to expand it, that's what I've been trying to do."

The star, who says that he's written with more robotic-sounding drum machines and banjos for most of the last decade, has come up with a newer, fresher sound for 'Fuse.' Urban took initiative in blending robotic elements (such as drum machines) with organic music (like a ukelele), making the most of the two very diverse sounds, instead of relying on one or the other.

"First and foremost, I think I was trying to find ways to fuse those together," he explains.

In terms of describing 'Fuse,' the country star dishes that the album can't be described by one particular song, saying, "I certainly couldn't pick one song that I think tells you what the record's like ... I'm really looking forward to getting more singles out, and particularly getting the album out."

The album, which includes duets with Miranda Lambert and Eric Church, will be chock-full of new material from Urban, and each track will shine. "I just wanted to let each song be its own thing," Urban says.

'Fuse' will hit the stores Sept. 10 and is available for pre-order through Urban's website.