I'm not quite certain what the guy in the photo, with his desk suspended outside the building is trying to accomplish.  Perhaps he wanted an office with a better view.

I am giving all supervisors one last warning.  April 25th is Administrative Professionals Day.

If you didn't plan on doing something nice to observe this date, be forewarned. In many cases, the Administrative Professional is the heart and soul of a smoothly operating office. They're usually the person or a member of the team of people who make certain that all of the details are taken care of, whether it's finishing last minute reports or making sure there's enough coffee to help make it through the work week.

I can tell you, that our Administrative Professionals here at the radio station, do a great job. Teresa, Jennifer and Kurt, answer phones, greet prize winners, schedule the commercials you hear and generally keep all of us in line and focused on our particular jobs.

There's still time to get flowers, certificates and other gifts for some of the hardest working people at your place of business. At the very least, please tell your A.P. thanks for all of their hard work and dedication. I know it will have more impact than you think.