The Verruckt waterslide at Kansas City's Schlitterbahn Water Park is about to put all other waterslides out to pasture.

At 17 stories tall, the Verruckt will be the world's tallest and fastest waterslide when it opens in the spring of 2014. It's taller than Niagara Falls. Once riders (in groups of 4) drop those 17 stories they will then head back up a 50 foot hill and back down the other side before splashing down at the end. The ride is 601 feet long and... catch your breath... there are 264 stairs to climb to get to your launch point at the top.

The building of Verruckt is even the subject of a documentary being filmed by the Travel Channel. The tower of the ride is constructed from railroad tanker cars that have been cut and welded into a single vertical tower. The ride also required advanced sensor and nozzle technology as well as a robust conveyor system like none ever built before.

Would you have to guts to give it a ride? Take a look at the video and then vote bellow.