I posted to my Facebook page that I was a little nervous about starting my first full-time on-air shift in nearly 7 years. One of my friends stated that its “gonna be like riding a bike”.

That got me thinking – is doing a radio show really like riding a bike? I mean, riding a bike involves sitting on a scarcely padded, grossly undersized seat, mounted on a one-inch thick rod, placed a fair distance from more steel tubing. Then you take your foot and force a plastic molded piece down one while the another plastic molded piece pushes your other foot up, then the motion switches to the other foot in an even circular direction. The plastic molded pieces are attached to a sprocket that transfers energy to a chain, which grabs a second sprocket which is attached to a spoked cylindrical wheel, causing the wheel to rotate in a forward motion. As the wheels project the bicycle in a forward motion, your left and right hands firmly grasp a cylindrical bar apparatus to aim the bicycle in the direction of your choosing – left, or right.

Occasionally, being on the radio is...the same? Come to think of it, they're nothing alike.

Someone once also said that “if it is like riding a bike, you’re probably doing it wrong”. Now I'm really confused.

What are some of the cliche' things you hear all the time that, if you really think about them, don't make any sense at all? Share your thoughts below!