I don't want to make this sound like a commercial and I promise to limit my references to "heck of a deal, ain't it?" to under a dozen. But, this Saturday from 10a til noon, I will be broadcasting live from Tom Boland Ford in Hannibal.  Yeah, sure it does sound like a commercial.  But, the reason I'm posting it on the website is I like to drive...a lot.

Do you remember what I did last summer?  Yeah...I think it was May.  Somehow, I convinced the Tom Boland Ford folks that it would be a good idea to turn me loose with a F150 Platinum and an iPad.  This was the result.

Apparently, I'm not the only car/truck person in the world as we have nearly 5,000 views on YouTube now.  Would be cool if at least half of those people would come join us for our live broadcast this Saturday as I'll try to swindle...er...I mean "convince" the Tom Boland Ford folks to let me hit the highway in something sweet.  If you swing by, I'll even let you be the one to say "heck of a deal, ain't it?" while swinging rope on the top of a Mustang.