I was going to write a blog telling everyone to hurry and get their tickets to see Jamey Johnson at The Blue Note in Columbia, Missouri on Friday May 4. Tickets went on sale last Friday and as hardcore JJ fans like myself know, the Jamey fan base is a passionate one and tickets won't likely last long.

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

We'll they didn't. They're already sold out. I logged on to gather all the information that I planned to dazzle you with and... the only thing pertinent anymore are the words SOLD OUT.

This bums me out. I wanted tickets myself. Just for the record and contrary to popular belief "we" in the radio biz don't just get showered with tickets to anything we want. It would be great if it was the 70's or 80's again... but it's all different now. Labels and artist management are much more stingy with "comps" or even giveaways than they used to be. I understand in this economy they need to focus on selling rather than giving away... but while I'm whining I'll also point out the "new" stingy practices started a long time ago.

So this is my plight today. The plight of all area JJ fans who weren't smart enough to take what they know to be true and "get your tickets now." That's not just a sales ploy. It's the truth. It's usually the truth when you've missed out already.