The Bud Shootout is this weekend. Except it's not called the "Bud Shootout" anymore. The powers that be (and the lords of corporate sponsorship) have determined the first NASCAR exhibition of the year will be called the "Sprint Unlimited".  Did I mention that I hate my cell phone?  Different subject.  Bottom line is I get to get me some NASCAR on TV this weekend and that's all that matters.

It's no secret that I am a Dale Earnhardt Jr fan.  I'll be screaming mighty loud for the 88 car when the cars roar at Daytona.  I am way more interested in who your favorite driver is.  Kenseth is driving for a new team this year.  Same for Logano.  Are you a Jimmie Johnson fan....or maybe Carl Edwards is the one you flip for (NASCAR pun intended)...or do you dare to admit you (like my wife) are a Gordon fan?

Now that it's time for NASCAR...who you got?!?