I was born and raised in the Show Me State.  It takes a lot to impress me.  Sure, I've seen the Grand Canyon.  Really nice river at the bottom and you have to appreciate any landmark that requires you to ride mules to get to the bottom.  Have you ever had the chance to visit Mt. Rushmore?  Pretty neat that they got all those Presidents on those rocks up there....

I have to hand it to whoever it was in Hannibal that managed to arrange to rocks on the hill next to the bridge to look like Mark Twain.  Seriously...not only do you have to get the right colored rocks and arrange them to look like the man...but you also have gravity to deal with.

This leads me to the other question that this amazing rock formation brought to mind.  Why haven't other cities in our area followed suit and created rock formations to commemorate their famous residents and/or events?  Think about it, Quincy...you could have some lava rock laid out in the shape of Abe Lincoln shaking his fist at Stephen Douglas from their famous debate!  Keokuk, you could assign someone to paint a rock picture of Chief...um...Keokuk.

It's hard to impress someone from Missouri and especially from Hannibal.  So, I pay tribute to whoever created the Mark Twain rock layout near the bridge.  Perhaps you have started something the entire area could benefit from.  Or, at the very least, help the guy running the rock quarry make a few extra bucks.