I love people. Generally. I love people. Most of the time. One exception. People that "like" their own status updates on Facebook. Of all the injustices in the world, this is one that really bothers me and I'm not sure why.  And, it appears there are nearly 15,000 other people who agree.  The "I hate People Who Like Their Own Status Updates" group on Facebook.  

There are another 1600 lost souls who have started a "Against People Who Like Their Own Status" group.  They should realize they misnamed their group and join the other 15,000.

In my research into this phenomenon, I even found a funny meme that uses the movie "The Sixth Sense" to make fun of people who do this.

I have a potential solution.  Everyone who signs up for a Facebook account should have a shock collar put on.  I would like to volunteer to watch over the "shock" button.  Then, whenever someone "likes" their own picture or status update, I smack the button and the offending person...learns.

Got any better ideas?!?