If you're like me, you have seen the unbelievable pictures of what Hurricane Sandy did to the East Coast and especially New York and New Jersey. Even knowing it was going to be bad, it still blows my mind how awful the aftermath actually turned out to be. Yet, it could have been so much worse. In my opinion, the unsung heroes in all this are the weather experts.

Disclaimer here:  I'm married to a meteorologist.  So, maybe you think I'm just kissing up and trying to get on her good side.  (Hey, a guy needs to take advantage of every chance he can get)  But, think about it.  Weather Channel and National Weather Service forecasters completely nailed the path of Hurricane Sandy nearly a week before it hit.

It is terribly sad that over fifty people have lost their lives as a result of this storm.  But, I have to wonder how many would have perished if the meteorologists had not started issuing the warnings as early as they did.

Weather people tend to take a lot of grief from people.  But, in this case, everyone who is alive on the East Coast should be thankful for their expertise.