I'm about to become a dad again. For the sixth time. (*Sigh*) Don't get me wrong. There is no greater blessing that I've been given on this Earth than my children. That being said, it's not easy being a dad. If you've never experienced being a father, I have an easy way to explain it to you. Watch this classic commercial for the Stretch Armstrong doll.

See the doll in that commercial.  Replace that with a dad and you get an idea what it's like sometimes.  It seems like someone is always trying to grab an arm.  Child 1 needs his computer fixed.  Child 2 needs a ride from point A to point B.  Child 3 thinks I'm stupid.  Child 4 agrees with Child 3.  Child 5 just threw his sippy cup behind the (unmovable) couch.  Child 6 is about to be born.  (*Sigh*)

I love being a dad.  There's nothing better.  But then again, there are days.  Hold on...someone else is grabbing my arm again...gotta go.