I always try to not burden you with radio jargon or try to explain too much about what happens behind the scenes of KICK-FM.  I would guess that a vast majority of you listen to us to hear a song or artist you like...with the potential of hearing something new and cool you haven't heard before.  A few kind souls actually listen because they like the radio personality playing the songs...and to that person (mom), we'd like to say thank you.    But, there's a slight change in the lineup at KICK-FM that has led us to a point where we've had to make a decision and we want you to know why we're doing what we're doing.

To the point, our midday guy Kurt Parsons has been promoted to a new job within our company and will no longer be on middays on KICK-FM.  We can only hope that he will now be dropped off at work in a limo or drive his own personal Porsche thanks to the new pay increase.  But, that leaves a bit of a dilemma for me and Dave Lee.  Do we have someone pre-record the show to give you the impression there's someone there?  Or do we wait until we can have someone else do the show live for you (just like Dave and I do for you everyday during the morning and afternoon)

There was a famous commercial back in the 80's "Is it live or is it Memorex?" which reminds me of our dilemma.

There is a common practice in modern day radio called "voice-tracking". Yes, radio jargon (sorry about that)...but in a nutshell it's pre-recording to give you the impression that someone is there in studio when in fact they are not. I hate that. It's one of the reasons I left radio a couple years ago. That's why, since I've come back, I have not pre-recorded one single second of my show.  That's not always a good thing since I'd love to go back in time and take back some (many) of the stupid things I've said.  But, we are really trying to do something different at KICK-FM and be as honest with you as we possibly can.

Here's an example for you from today.  Our afternoon guy Dave Lee has a family medical issue he has to help with today and he's not here.  Instead of having Dave pre-record his show, we're just gonna let the tunes roll with the occasional big station voice coming on ever so often to tell you what station you're listening to.

We've chosen to do the same during the middle part of the day when Kurt would normally have been on.  Instead of hearing a pre-recorded fake person, you'll hear music and our frequent station propaganda.

For whatever reason, people seem to take things I say about issues like this to be a statement against the other radio stations.  (At this point, feel free to insert the call letters of any other radio station in this market)  I truly don't mean it that way.  I have friends at practically every other station that isn't ours and they do things for good business reasons.  I just want to help you understand that we really are striving to be different.

Bottom line is if you hear a radio personality on KICK-FM, that means we're in studio and try to play every request possible (as long as it fits our format...sorry, no Foghat).  Nothing against any other radio station or person...this is just what we at KICK-FM feel is the right thing to do for the people that are kind enough to listen.

We do plan to have a new person in the midday chair soon (depending on how fast the prison approves the work release program)...but for now, enjoy the music and (we can't say this enough)...thanks for listening.