The warm weather has put me in a roller coaster mood.  It helps that I stopped maturing mentally around the age of 12.  But, I love roller coasters.  My oldest kids and I have a summer tradition of getting the Holliday family truckster out of moth balls once per year and heading to Six Flags in St. Louis to try out the latest terror-inducing coasters.

It was this sudden roller coaster mood that led to our poll on the Morning Posse Facebook page asking what your favorite roller coaster of all-time is.  I was/am surprised that many of you went old school and chose the Screamin Eagle at Six Flags as your favorite. Not that I disagree...but there are so many coasters that use new technology, it's interesting that probably nostalgia has kept the Screamin Eagle at the top.

My very close second was a relatively new ride at Six Flags, the Evel Knievel.  You have to love any coaster that purposely runs the wooden track about 3 feet above the heads of people waiting in line to get on it...

Another vote-getter unsurprisingly is the steel coaster, The Ninja. True story: my son had his glasses come off at the top of the corkscrew and then caught them as the roller coaster came across at the bottom:

What coaster is your favorite? With the unusually warm April temperatures, I don't blame you if you're also suddenly in a coaster mood.