I like to think of myself as the strong, independent alpha male. You know...the kind of man who could easily survive thirty days in the wilderness even if equipped only with a spork. I was reminded last week (as if my mirror everyday wasn't enough proof) how wrong that idea is. Truth is, I live on a digital umbilical cord.

Long story short, my iPad died a violent electronic death.  And I had a meeting last week where I needed to leave my phone in my car.  I was digitally "naked".  (fortunately for all of us, not in a clothing sense)  I then realized how I am so dependent on being equipped with some type of electronic device to stay in touch with the "digital food chain" of Facebook, web, email...etc.

It's sad really.  At one point, I was close to becoming an Eagle scout when I was a kid.  I actually worked out with Army Rangers when I lived near a base in Germany back in the early 90's.  Now...I live in fear of someone commenting on my Facebook post and not seeing it for two hours.  Pathetic.

I miss being the redheaded version of the Brawny paper towel guy.  The kind of dude who would wrestle bears just for the sheer enjoyment of it.  Hold on...just found a great pic of a dog riding a surf board that I have to get on my Facebook page.  Back in a sec...