If you have listened to my show for any length of time (and if so, I will apologize right now), you know that I will occasionally pass along the latest conspiracy theory that I have come across. Over the last year, I have covered everything from a potential strike from Comet Elenin to Mel Gibson starring as a baseball coach in a remake of the movie "The Bad News Bears". (Don't laugh it could happen) But, I have a conspiracy theory about conspiracy theories.

Here goes.  I believe there are people in our government that sit in a room and come up with many of these theories knowing that there are people like me who will pick up on them and start blabbing.  Then, when the predicted event doesn't come to pass, it makes all of us that talked about it look like fools.  (I have news for the government people.  I will look like a fool regardless if I'm ever right so you're wasting your time)

One more thing.  I think they know that there is actually a crisis coming and they're trying to hide it among all the other wacko stuff.  Remember the Mel Gibson movie "Conspiracy Theory"?  He only had to be right once.

Here are serious questions.  Why has the government been involved in building deep underground bases?  Recent reports have military personnel being evacuated from the coastal areas.  Or are these reports just leaked out there cause there's something else happening?  Perhaps, they know something is coming that they can't do anything about and know telling us wouldn't do any good.  Is there a Planet X about to come near Earth and cause destruction?  Will Little Texas reunite their original lineup?  These are all questions I would like to know.

Knowing all of that...have a great weekend!  :)