Let's get this out of the way right now.  I'm addicted to truck driving computer games.  There I said it.  Whew...boy do i feel better now that it's out in the open.  You would think that a grown man (debatable) would know better than do get home after a long day at work and then pretend to deliver pretend cargo to Cleveland.  You would think, but you'd be wrong.

I've played them all, although I do tend to gravitate to the "18 Wheels of Steel" series (Long Haulin being a personal favorite).  I've even played a German Truck Simulator.  You read that right, German.  Even normal German people wouldn't dream of wasting time playing a game about German trucking.  Good thing I'm not normal or German.  Recently, I've dabbled a bit with "Rig N Roll", a truck driving game made by Russians.  (No, I'm not kidding).

I can't explain it. I've tried to quit. Every time I sell or giveaway a laptop, I have hopes that I've broken the chain of fake truck driving tendencies. But, just like an 18-wheeled boomerang, I always end up spending my evenings delivering fake fruit to Great Falls. I can't help it.

Next time you're having a normal evening with your family and friends doing normal things normal people do...please know that I am more than likely delivering a load of fake coal to Seattle. I can't help it. It is my addiction. Pray for me.