You have probably heard that the Powerball jackpot is now up to 500,000,000 dollars.  I don't buy lottery tickets, but I have to laugh at some of the people that do.  What I mean by that is some people won't buy tickets until the payout is stratospheric.  So Powerball is ONLY at $100,000,000 and that's not enough for you?

To my point though...I want to ease your fears.  I am not planning to really list 500,000,000 reasons why winning Powerball wouldn't make you happy.  My 2nd grade abilities can barely count to 100.  But, there is ample evidence that winning a mammoth prize like this can actually lead to misery.  Check out this guy's story.

By the way, have you ever seen "Brewster's Millions" with Richard Pryor?  Great movie.

Have I mentioned that I'm easily distracted?

Truth is if you have healthy children and/or a spouse that loves you for who you really are, you are richer than any lottery winner could dream of being.