I am exhibiting all the signs of an addict. Nervous twitches. Random yelling. Inhaling unhealthy amounts of energy drinks. I'm surprised the authorities haven't checked my shed. No, I'm not running a meth lab. It's just that I miss NASCAR and the Daytona 500 can't get here quick enough.

It's a funny ritual that I find myself repeating each year.  By the time the NASCAR season has ended in November, I'm tired of it.  After spending my entire spring and summer parked in front of the Samsung watching the races, I'm ready for a break.  Then comes January.  And the nervous twitching begins...

It begins when I start watching rally races on Speed Channel.  I have no interest in rally races.  Can't even spell Dakar.  (thank you auto-correct!)  But, at least it's got things with motors in them going fast.  Two weeks ago, I went into a gleeful dance when I saw that Daytona Thunder preseason testing had started.  That's (for the most part) unpainted cars doing pretty much nothing.  Yes, I've become that desperate.

The Daytona 500 is Sunday, February 24th.  One month, two days and I can tell you how many minutes and seconds if you ask me right now.  I just hope I don't snap before then and climb the county courthouse and string up a dozen #88 flags.  Don't laugh.  I have a tall ladder and I'm not afraid to use it!