It's no secret that I'm not really the country club type. No offense intended at those who are, but I'm the last guy most folks want in their "exclusive club". I am however a member of a club that most people probably don't think about much. The club is called "Those That Drive The Speed Limit On Highway 172".

I live in Hannibal and work in Quincy.  (like many in this area)  I am normally on the road between 5:30a and 6:00a which means my little Flintstone mobile has to dare the super speedway known as Interstate 172.  It amazes me how fast everyone else drives during this half hour period.  I am a NASCAR fan, but don't even think that most of my favorite drivers hit qualifying speeds like some of the cars and trucks that fly by me.

I have been unable to find any video footage of what speeding is like on highway 172, but here's the video game equivalent:

Or...if you have a 2nd grade brain like mine, perhaps this one will be a better way to understand the speed dynamics of my morning drive...

I learned in driver's ed (which apparently only I paid attention in) that you only gain an extra minute over the span of an hour for every mile you drive over the speed limit.  So...since the Hannibal/Quincy commute is a half hour...using advanced math skills...that's half a minute for every mile over you go.  So, congratulations to the 85 mile an hour club on the extra 10 minutes they get to enjoy at work today.