Too many times my mouth works too fast for my brain to comprehend. For example: I was at a business gathering recently at a clothing store. The woman in charge of the gathering was trying on a leather jacket. I thought it looked nice, so the first thing out of my mouth was "Amy you look good in leather."

See, girls can talk like that to each other all the time. But something like that coming from a guy just doesn't sound appropriate, does it? All I was doing was complimenting her on how nice the jacket looked, without thinking it through completely.

To her credit, she did not take offense to it, nor was she shocked by the comment.

I don't know if I'm just being over sensitive, but the problem is sometimes the most innocent of comments can be taken so many different ways.

So guys: have you ever made a comment in a non offensive way, but had it taken in the wrong context? Girls: have you ever had a comment made to you that you took as offensive, when later you found out that it really wasn't?