I spent a good portion of the day today watching live coverage of Hurricane Sandy making landfall. I also saw many friends on Facebook requesting prayers as they have family that were being directly affected by this hurricane. One thing that is difficult in a situation like this is getting information after the fact due to the widespread power outages. Here are some links with information that will hopefully help you find the information you need if you have family affected.

A map of the area affected by Hurricane Sandy including information on emergency shelters

Here's the Weather Channel's ongoing coverage of Hurricane Sandy

Official information from the National Weather Service on Hurricane Sandy and aftermath

Red Cross website where you can help financially

Videos and Photos documenting Hurricane Sandy's path and damage

Fox News posted 5 apps to help get you through a disaster

Here's Google's Interactive Crisis Map of the East Coast

ABC News has compiled this list of sites where you can help

We'll add to this page as more information becomes available.