This Sunday, we honor Mother's Day.

I hope you find time to spend with your mom and other family members and friends.

The story used to be that more phone calls were placed on Mother's Day than any other day of the year.  I am guessing that is still true, but with the added benefits of technology,  I'm sure that many moms will be sitting down in front of computers to link up with family that can't physically be there to celebrate.

This will be the second Mother's Day that I will spend without my Mom since she passed away.  The day takes on a completely different meaning for me now. I am thankful for great memories of my Mom and past times.  One tradition that doesn't change, is that she still will receive flowers from her son.

Whether it's a phone call or chat, or a simple card or much more, I hope you make time to connect with your mom this Sunday.

Happy Mother's Day!