When you have as many kids as I do, odds are that on any given day, it's one of their birthdays.  Today is one of those days.  My oldest daughter, Sarah, is turning 14 today

Yes, I am the father of a teenage daughter.  Excuse me while I sit down.

She is fortunately much smarter than her dad (which doesn't take much).  Plus, she's a cheerleader at school.  Excuse me, but I need to sit down again.

It's moments like this that make my heart hurt, because I remember way before she wanted to be a cheerleader and the years have passed too fast.

As you can see, she used to be into Strawberry Shortcake and wasn't even afraid to show her Incredible Hulk side.  Plus, she took the Holliday tradition of riding around the yard on the mower with dad.

Anyone that really knows me will tell you I am not a very emotional guy.  But, when it comes to my kids getting older, this kind of stuff really tears me up.  Sarah and her brothers and sisters deserve a much better father than they ended up with.  But through it all, they have turned out to be wonderful, smart and kind human beings and it's really hard for me to communicate to them how proud I am of them.

Happy birthday, Sarah.  I'll quote Tim McGraw's song.  No matter what, you'll always be my little girl.