Happy Anniversary, Baby. See how weird that sounded? If someone cooler than me (which means pretty much anyone) said that, then that might sound suave. Not coming from me. True, it is our anniversary. Nine years to be exact. And, this woman is one of the reasons I am one of the most blessed guys on this Earth.

Our daughter, Grace

Anybody that has been within ten miles of me knows that I am the reigning king of broken relationships. I don't say that with any pride and I would like to think that I went into those with the best of intentions. Regardless, about ten years ago, I had given up on it all. (Except for the baseball Cardinals. I've never given up on the Cardinals) It was then that I ran into the woman in the big picture above. The world would probably consider it an incredible lucky coincidence. I consider it divine intervention.

Here's our son, Elijah holding his extremely happy sister Hannah

I am not gifted with great abilities of being romantic in a public place (great news for everyone shopping near me at Walmart), so I'll keep this short. Put very simply, I was a man who was completely broken ten years ago. My wife was one of the main instruments that God used to put me back together. Happy Anniversary...um...baby. Maybe someday I'll be cool enough to say that without making you laugh...although I doubt it.

Our newest family member, Hannah