Here's a great story of generosity for the holidays. A Hannibal woman who has been collecting dolls for over 30 years is donating her collection to The Salvation Army. The dolls will be auctioned off on Sunday at the Kroc Center to raise funds for The Salvation Army's 2013 Christmas Campaign. 

Marge Holliday has collected dolls for decades. Her collection includes rare Barbies from the 80s and 90s - many still in their original boxes - in addition to porcelain and wax dolls. Mrs. Holliday now lives in a senior care apartment complex in Hannibal and would like her doll collection to contribute to helping families in need, especially during the Christmas season.

There are approximately 100 dolls in the collection, which will be auctioned off individually in the Worship Theater of the Kroc Center. The auction is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, December 8. Admission is free. The Salvation Army invites everyone to view and bid on the dolls. Payment from winning bidders will be expected at the end of the auction. Auction services are provided by Ewalt Auction Service.

The generosity shown by Mrs. Holliday in donating her beloved collection to such a worthy campaign is truly inspiring. We wish her a very merry Christmas, and hope that the auction exceeds expectations. If you know a doll collector, please share this story with them and help spread the word about Sunday's auction!

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