Every once in a while you really luck out. Today might have been my day. It was up to me to go out earlier in the afternoon – in the sunshine, the 80 degree weather, and the nice breeze – and take pictures for use on our website.

I know, it was rough, but it had to be done. So I packed up my heavy equipment (my phone) and took pictures around Hannibal. Tomorrow, I’ll be getting photos of Quincy. Here are a few or the more interesting images I ended up with from today’s outing.


A statue along the riverfront. Kind of a silhouette, but not really.

A view of the bridge, from inside the pavilion on the waterfront.

To get this shot, I sort of had to trespass on HLG’s lawn. Luckily, I snapped the photo and got away before I was asked to leave.

If I’m lucky, this is as close to the Marion County Courthouse I’ll ever have to get.

I cheated. This one wasn’t taken today, but several weeks ago. I just liked it and wanted to include it in this blog.

If you get a chance like I did, to go out and shoot pictures on a really terrific day, I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity. It’s amazing what nice results you can get from nothing more than your mobile phone.