Today, (5/02) is Great American Grump Out Day.

I thought it was a valid excuse for me to be my grumpy self and not have to apologize for it. Guess I was wrong.  Grump Out Day is an effort to go at least 24 hours without negative behavior. (i.e. crabby, grouchy, etc.)

Actually, the health benefits of being less negative are good for you. Less stress and a more positive outlook generally means a healthier and happier you.

Part of Grump Out Day is an attempt to share at least a couple of smiles with people you meet today. So while you're waiting in line to pay for your groceries, don't be shy about it.

Oh, and if you can't do that, at least eat a banana today. It's the "official" fruit of Grump Out Day, because it's a healthy food......and it looks like a smile. :)