I have a urge to get muddy, so I might as well blog about bog. The "Got Mud?" Bog is coming, and some people can't wait to get into it!

Four wheelers, trucks and Jeeps playing in the mud. This is a big deal in Pike County, Illinois, and around the nation. Why not go out with your best gal and hit some mud in a Jeep, or a truck, or a four wheeler? I have done this back in the day and it is hard work trying to maneuver big trucks and four wheelers in a lot of mud.

But that is what they will do at the Pike County Fair grounds in Pleasant Hill, Illinois, September 21. It is pretty simple. First, go to pikecountyillinoisfair.org and get all the official rules. All drivers are responsible for knowing all the rules and regulations prior to the show. Then, hit the mud!

Admission is ten dollars at the gate and pit passes are ten dollars. Good clean fun in mud.