About every year at this time, we have a yard sale.  I know, the photo says garage sale, but since I don't have a garage, we're subjected to the aspects of yard sale.

I can't believe some of the "stuff" that my family seems to collect over the previous year. Some items were picked up while they were on sale, because we were certain that we would have a use for it before very long; then the item sits until we price it for the yard sale. Honestly, how many oven mitts does a family need?

Other items are things that have been given to us by others who thought that we might find a use for them. In reality, I believe those folks were actually trying to clean out their storage areas, and thought that we would be least-resistant, and accept the items without much of a fight.

Thanks for the Chex Mix faux-football goal posts, where you can actually "shoot" your Chex Mix with your finger, and hope to score a "touchdown."  It's still in it's original package. Perhaps the yard sale will help find a new home for this "burgeoning sport."

I hope folks will come by this week to our yard sale. It's always nice to make a few bucks for our efforts of pulling all of those items out of storage and pricing them for sale. It's even better to have all of that storage room back, so we can start filling it up again. Which reminds me, I just saw a sale on silly-straws.