We continue our "Get to Know Ya" series with one of the most unique artists in country music these days, Colt Ford.  You may know Colt as one of the co-writers of the massive hit "Dirt Road Anthem" (as made famous by Jason Aldean).  Colt (and friends) will be performing in Shelbina this Saturday night and we appreciate him taking some time to visit with us.

KICK-FM: Where do you call home?

Colt Ford: Home for me is Bogart,Ga. That is just outside Athens,Ga. I had a place in Nashville for two years I stayed there for 3 Days so didn't make no sense to me.

KICK-FM: How did Colt Ford become Colt Ford?  What and/or who influenced you to make music?

Colt Ford: I have always been Colt Ford just didn't show the World till 2006. My wife thought of the name but what see me do and say is who I am and have always been. I have so many musical influences would take to long to name. I just like things that are real that I can feel.

KICK-FM: When did you sing your first song?  When did you write your first tune?

Colt Ford: I went in the studio for 1st time when I was about 13 I think. I started writing songs at about 11 or 12 years old.

KICK-FM: You co-wrote “Dirt Road Anthem” and originally recorded it.  What’s it mean to see a song that was born with you become such a monster hit for Jason Aldean?

Colt Ford: When Brantley and I wrote that song we were just working on something for my record we had no idea that anyone would like it. From the moment folks heard that song it was like Magic. When Jason ask me about doing that song it had been out since 2008 on My first record I was excited but nervous as well. I had no idea what Radio would say about that song but it has become the Biggest Song of his career and I am very Proud of what he did. I can tell you there is not any Artist I would have wanted to do it more that Jason. I think he did good job making it his own and he is a Great friend of mine and has always said that I had made the song a Hit before he did it so that is really cool.

KICK-FM: We hear that you have a brand new album coming out in June called “Declaration of Independence”…what can we expect once that reaches the people?

Colt Ford: I think this new record is the best thing I have ever done. I am more honest and real on this record than ever before. I think this will be everyone's favorite record. I have 15 Songs and there is a common thread with the songs but none of them sound the same. I have never been more excited about my music than I am right now.

KICK-FM: How’s your golf game?

Colt Ford: My Golf game Stinks right now I have played one time since October you can't be any good at Golf like that. I ain't got to Hunt much either been to busy (LOL)

I think this new record is the best thing I have ever done. I am more honest and real on this record than ever before. I think this will be everyone's favorite record.

KICK-FM: How do you use social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to reach your fans?

Colt Ford: Social Media is what has allowed me to be where I am. I hope that I will get some radio support across the board on this new record but I have built it by going out and playing for the fans and Social Media. I have been able to reach people all over the world through Social Media. I have fun with it I love to interact with my friends. I call them friends not fans cause that is how they make me feel and I try and do the same to them. I'm just a regular Country boy who plays music.  I ain't better than anyone you can come up and talk to me anytime or anywhere.

KICK-FM: Other than the new album, what’s next for Colt Ford in 2012?

Colt Ford: I am working on some TV Shows and just praying that everyone is gonna like this new record.

KICK-FM: If someone listens to just one song of Colt Ford …which one should it be and why?

Colt Ford: That is a tough question because I have never been forced to cut any songs I did not want to cut. I guess Ride Through the Country is a song that really describes me. It talks about God and family and friends and America. That is who I am.

KICK-FM: You’ve had Jamey Johnson and Brantley Gilbert on your albums…any cameos from country friends on “Declaration”?

Colt Ford: This record is really cool with lots of special guest. I have Jake Owen and Darius Rucker and Montgomery Gentry. I have Kix Brooks and a new artist name JJ Lawhorn and Boys 2 Men which is Cool and last but not least Jason Aldean.

Thanks to Colt for taking the time to share himself with us. Don't miss him this Saturday night in Shelbina! Tickets on sale through Colt's website!  Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace also!