This is the second in an on-going series of features to help you learn more about unsigned country singers and/or songwriters in our area.  If you went to Quincy Firefighter's concert this year or last, then you know Chris Cavanaugh already.  He opened for Jake Owen in Quincy last year and Josh Thompson last month.

KICK-FM: Where do you call home?

Chris: At this point I kinda feel like Nashville is my home.  I've been there long enough to where now I have my friends there, my routine, my hobbies, however, I'm FROM Missouri, and there are parts of that part of the country that I'll always miss, especially when it comes to the outdoors...It doesn't get any better than the Midwest for hunting and fishing!!

KICK-FM: When did you sing your first song?  When did you write your first tune?

Chris: My first performance was in the 7th grade talent show...I was as nervous as could be but believe it or not, ever since then, I've hardly ever been nervous for a show, just pumped up to play.  I wrote my first song when I was 14...I'd be afraid to go back and listen to it at this point but maybe someday I will haha...

KICK-FM: Many people dream of going to Nashville and get signed.  You’re living it.  What is this experience of trying to get a deal like?

Chris: Honestly, record deals are few and far between, good ones that is.  I'm lucky enough to have had  the work ethic and the drive to just get on the road and do it myself.  It's being done more and more like that these days and I'm sure it will be more the case in the future... I really respect guys like Colt Ford and Corey Smith who started their own little Labels and went out touring on their own and didn't wait for anyone in Nashville to give them the "go" or the "yes you're good enough."  I'd like to have my shot at a national single at some point, if it's the right situation and if the timing is right.  At this point though, I'm loving building my following fan by fan...

KICK-FM: We enjoyed watching you open for Jake Owen last year and Josh Thompson this year at the Firefighters Concert…who else have you opened for?

Chris: Again, I've been really fortunate when it comes to shows.  I've opened for some of the most talented people in the business.  Jake and Josh obviously, as well as Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Thompson Square, Chris Young,  and Joe Nichols.

KICK-FM: As an unsigned artist, how has social media changed the way you interact with your fans?

Chris: To an artist like myself social media is incredible.  It gives me a chance to advertise and market my music.  It has definitely made the playing field a little bit more level for independent artist verses artists on major labels...

KICK-FM: What’s next for Chris Cavanaugh in 2012?

Chris: Right now I'm working on more new music with a writer/producer in town named Rodney Clawson.  Rodney has written a BUNCH of hits as well as several on the radio right now.  In addition to that I'm really just focusing on touring.  After spending years learning the craft of writing songs my focus has really changed to touring and the road.  Building fans and playing out live has become my top priority.  My hope is that the shows keep getting better and the music keeps connecting to the fans in the Midwest.

KICK-FM: If someone listens to just one song on your 5-song EP…which one should it be?

Chris: "I Meant to Say That in My head" haha...This is my personality to a T!!! Alot of times I'm in business mode having to head my own company/business but when I'm hanging out or just drinking a beer with my friends this is my personality.

KICK-FM: Thanks for the time, Chris!  By the way, Chris will be back in Quincy on May 19th at the Holler and Swaller.  For more info on Chris, check out his official website and also his Facebook page!