Here's another chance for you to get to know a brand new artist!  And, this time around, we're going international with an interview with Ashton Lane who hail from the heart of Scotland!  They have millions of views on YouTube and there's a good chance you're going to be hearing a lot from this band in the near future!  Esther O'Connor from Ashton Lane was kind enough to give us her time to help you get to know them!

KICK-FM: Where do you call home?

Ashton Lane (Esther): Glascow in Bonnie Scotland!

KICK-FM: How did Ashton Lane become Ashton Lane? What and/or who influenced you to make music?

Ashton Lane (Esther): James and I are brother and sister so we have been writing and singing together nearly our whole lives. Tim is my husband of 8 years, one of the first dates we had was a songwriting session, he then came to a solo gig I was doing that evening in a lovely bar (great Belgium beer!) down a lovely cobbled lane in  the west end of Glasgow called 'Ashton Lane'!

First good song I ever wrote was when I was 15 and it made it onto my first album. It's a song called 'Beautiful' and it's about finding your identity based in something real rather than the ever changing opinions of others.

KICK-FM: When did you sing your first song?

Ashton Lane (Esther): Very first song I ever sang was when I was 12 months old in my cot and my Mum and Dad had the baby talker on... They both sat up in bed when my baby toy played 'Twinkle Twinke' and I then sang the tune back note for note! Bit later on when I sang my first song in church with my dad when I was about 5. My mum thinks it cute and plays it to unsuspecting visitors sometimes (fortunately for me and them it is on cassette tape so its become more problematic for her to do that the last few years!).  First good song I ever wrote was when I was 15 and it made it onto my first album. It's a song called 'Beautiful' and it's about finding your identity based in something real rather than the ever changing opinions of others.

KICK-FM: When you create music for Ashton Lane, do you envision it as something for Scotland or Europe as a whole…or internationally?

Ashton Lane (Esther): International definitely. I think with the 'new music industry' where you can have SALM's (Supporters And Lovers of Music) in every country across the globe, sell music and chat and interact directly with them your music is by nature going to be global and not just local. I do however also really believe in the importance of music at a local level, community nights, open mic sessions in pubs and coffee shops etc. I believe music is important for the soul of a local community.

KICK-FM: You’ve done a weekly feature called “The Kitchen Sessions”. Tell us what that’s about.

Ashton Lane (Esther): We do weekly live sessions from our kitchen in our house. We spend loads of time there anyway, chatting, eating, cooking and writing music, so when we wanted to start our youtube channel it seemed like the perfect location!

KICK-FM: In the states, the country music format is one of the most common. Is there such a thing as radio stations in Scotland that play just country music?

Ashton Lane (Esther): We actually have quite a love for country music, we have a couple of great great shows on BBC radio Scotland and BBC radio 2 that play specifically country, alt country and Americana. One is the Bob Harris OBE country show on BBC radio 2. The other is Ricky Ross, Another Country on BBC radio Scotland... I think it is all really connected Scottish/ Irish music and American country music.

KICK-FM: How do you use social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to reach your fans?

Ashton Lane (Esther): I spend a lot of time interacting, answering questions, posting updates etc. I think in todays industry you have to invest in your music supporters and build those strong connections with the folk that believe in your music and enjoy it. Times have totally changed in the industry and its important these days for artists to be really connected with their supporters.

KICK-FM: What’s next for Ashton Lane in 2012?

Ashton Lane (Esther): We are off to Norway next week, then Germany, Holland, and Denmark. We have a single coming out in South Africa at the start of May too so hopefully we'll be heading of there soon too. We are very so active online so we do a lot of our 'touring' from our kitchen and we have so far gigged to nearly 4 million people on youtube! We have lots of new online projects we are about to launch for our new album 'Magic In the Air' so
we are amazingly excited about that.

KICK-FM: If someone listens to just one song on your album/EP…which one should it be and why?

Ashton Lane (Esther): One Kiss Later' is our lead single so I'd go with that.... The album Magic In the Air is one I am so proud of all the way through, so once you get a chance to get it on in your car I'd say lead tracks are One Kiss, Magic In the Air, Chemistry, Oceans Apart and Fire Up Ahead... They are my favorites.

KICK-FM: Your music can be favorably compared to Lady Antebellum and The Band Perry. Have you or do you ever envision coming to the states?

Ashton Lane (Esther): We LOVE the US. There are one or two things in the pipeline so I am hoping sooner rather than later.

Thanks so much to Esther for taking the time to talk to us!  Find out more about Ashton Lane on their website...where you can also download 5 songs for FREE!  Plus keep up with them on Facebook and YouTube and also on iTunes!