George Strait wrapped up his headlining tour career Saturday night, June 7 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas and at the end of the show one very lucky fan got a nice gift... George's signature cowboy hat.

Following the show's finale performance of 'The Cowboy Rides Away,' George took a few bows, thanked and waved to the crowd, then walked down some steps and off the stage, where it looked on video like one of his handlers likely reminded him about his hat. The plan must have been to throw it into the crowd at the end because that's what the King of Country Music proceeded to do. He climbed back up the steps to the stage, pointed at his hat a few times as if to ask "does someone want this?" and then took it off and tossed it into the sea of adoring fans. Imagine how you'd feel it you saw it coming right at you.

Who ended up with it? As it turns out, it was a person who has a claim to fame of their own... Vernon Fiddler who just happens to be a professional hockey player for the NHL's Dallas Stars. Fiddler says he was offered a Rolex watch by someone else in the crowd and has gotten several more offers since. The Country Music Hall of Fame is among those that want to get ahold of that very valuable Stetson.

Fiddler says however that he plans to keep it, and can you blame him? He's literally the only person in the world with George Strait's cowboy hat from his final concert. If it was me, I'd keep it too. Auctioning it off would be tempting after a while, be it for profit or charity. Giving it to the Hall of Fame would also be tempting. For a good long while though I'd just keep it and look at it and no doubt put it on my head from time to time.

What would you do with the hat if you had it? Vote in our poll. You can also see George perform his last song and throw the hat into the crowd by clicking the button below.